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Adjust the Visitor Fees

While Uplanders roam randomly through the map it is possible to control their direction in terms of visiting a minted property. Each visitor has to pay a specific amount of UPX to the property owner similar to the board game Monopoly. In Upland each owner can decide how many UPX the visitor needs to pay. Currently, visitor fees might be chosen in range between 20 and 100 UPX per visit (exception: airport terminals). It is important to understand that visitor fees can only be collected once the visitor has achieved the Uplander status or higher. Visitor will pay the fees but it is not possible to collect them as long as they do not upgrade their status. Visitor fees can be set individually for each property and are shown in the top left corner of the property window.

In general players need to visit properties to fulfill certain tasks, for example:

  • they want to buy an unminted property nearby and need to bring their block explorer in discovery range
  • to search for treasures in treasure hunts
  • to participate in Upland or community challenges
  • to help new players to accumulate UPX

How to set the Visitor Fee?

The visitor fee can be set in the visitors menu of a property. To go there click on any of your properties which will open the property menu. You will see the current visitor fee in the top left corner (in this example 50 UPX). In the top right you will see a button with three dots “…” that you need to click. This will show you the players that have visited your property. In the bottom of this window you will see a button to “SET YOUR VISITOR UPX FEE“. Afterwards you can choose the visitor fee and also select if you would like to set it individually or equal for all properties. If you buy new properties they will all start with the initial visitor fee (depends on the city) thus you might want to adjust them manually afterwards.

Step 1: Select a property and click on the three dots (…) symbol in the top right

Step 2: Click on the button “SET YOUR VISITOR FEE”

Step 3: Set your visitor fee

To which Amount should you set the Visitor Fee?

A common visitor fee for San Francisco is set between 20 – 50 UPX. There are players that avoid high visitor fees during treasure hunts and events, so you might not earn many UPX with a high fee. On the opposite if you have a very special property that needs to be visited by players you might set a higher fee to increase your earnings. One example would be airport terminals. Players need to visit airport terminals to fly to another city and the maximum number of flights per day is limited. If there is a high demand for flights you may choose a high fee for the optimal ROI.

How can Visitor Fees be collected?

Visitor fees accumulate in the earnings tab and can be collected the same way as recurring earnings (the UPX symbol below the “GET UPX” button).