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Earn Free Crypto with Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is one of the biggest crypto exchanges (established in 2012) and runs a promotion called “Coinbase Earn” where you can get free crypto by watching short tutorial videos and answering a couple of questions. The questions are usually really easy and the answers are provided within the short videos. You can also repeat the questions if you were wrong in the first try.

Is Coinbase Earn really for free?

There are absolutely no costs for you, Coinbase Earn is completely free and 100% legit. It was established to promote Coinbase and new cryptocurrencies.

  1. Register an account at Coinbase for free 
  2. Log into your Coinbase account and go to Coinbase Earn
  3. Select a course and start earning free crypto (see screenshots below)

How to buy UPX with Crypto? 

Click on the “GET UPX” button in the top right of Upland’s main screen. Afterwards select the amount of UPX that you like to purchase. In the next window you need to click on “PAY WITH CRYPTO” in the bottom to open the Utrust transaction dialogue. Follow the steps on the screen to complete you payment.

Attention: Be careful to only send the selected cryptocurrency to the wallet address at Utrust. If you need to exchange (swap) your currency that you received by Coinbase Earn you can do so directly in Coinbase.

Which cryptocurrencies can be used to buy UPX?*

You can buy UPX via Utrust with the following cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Utrust Token, Tether or Dash

*may be subject to change by Utrust