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Earn Free Crypto via Publish0x

What is Publish0x?

Publish0x is a crypto blogging community that offers its members to tip crypto to other bloggers for free. Here comes the cool thing: you don’t even need to own or send any crypto to Publish0x and you will also be able to earn crypto via tipping! After reaching a certain threshold you can withdraw you crypto to your own wallet. There are also quite a bunch of Upland blogs that you might want to check out.

  1. Register an account at
  2. Start reading, blogging and tipping

You can tip crypto to other creators by using the slider on the bottom of each blog page and then clicking the “TIP” button (see screenshot below). This can be done a couple of times per day and literally only costs you a couple of seconds.

You can also visit my blog at

Happy blogging everbody 🙂

How tipping works:

Publish0x statistics as of April 2021: