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NFTs in Upland

The Asset Menu

NFTs are not mutually interchangeable cryptographic tokens that are used for digital ownership, digital scarcity and multiplatform asset interoperability. You can check your NFTs in the Assets menu that you can access from the main menu.

1. Digital Ownership

NFTs are  tokens with which a user can verify ownership of a virtual asset. In Upland, every property represents a NFT that is bound to an account on the EOS blockchain. The first two kinds of NFT implemented into Upland are properties and block explorers.

How to find your property transaction links

All blockchain transactions are publicly available and can be found with blockchain explorers such as If you want to see your property blockchain notarization simply click on a property and then on MORE and TITLE. In the new window click on VIEW ON BLOCKCHAIN to open you transaction link.

2. Digital Scarcity

Since NFTs describe something unique it means that the asset is limited in availability.

In the gaming sector an example for digital scarcity is the minting number for virtual assets which refers to the timeline of a NFT. A minting number of 1 states that this is the very first created NFT, a minting number 2 represents the second NFT, etc. As a rule of thumb the lower the minting number the higher the value of a NFT, e.g. the first mint is more valuable than the second.

3. Multiplatform Asset Operability

Upland has big plans for a multiplatform asset interoperability which implicates that NFTs will be exchangable between blockchains. This awesome feature is called “The Portal“. Players will be allowed to import NFTs from other blockchains into Upland’s and can show them off to others. The NFT will be taken in an escrow account secured by a smart contract and then imported into Upland. The owner will always have the choice to export it again to the original blockchain.  It is estimated that Upland will offer this feature for the WAX blockchain first. 

A look in the past

In June 2020 players could import CryptoKitties to Upland. However, this was a one-way test, so the actual ownership of the Kitties was list and the NFTs were only imported. You can still visit the Kitties on KittyIsland in the north of San Francisco.