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Where to find Challenges?

There are many ways to earn UPX in Upland. One option that can be very lucrative is the participation in challenges. Official challenges are hosted from time to time and when they are active they can be quickly found in Upland. A challenges icon will appear in the top right corner of the user interface, slightly below the UPX collection icon. Large official challenges are usually announced a couple of days beforehand by the Upland team. Smaller challenges might start directly in the game without further announcements.

The primary source to find announcements for challenges is the official Discord server, followed by Upland’s twitter account and the official blog on Medium. Unofficial challenges that are hosted by community members can be also be found on the Discord server in the channel #community-projects-contests-tools. Since such challenges are initiated by the community itself it could be possible that they are also announced on various tools next to Discord. Therefore, keep an eye on the Twitter accounts, special blogs, websites, podcasts, etc.

In-game Challenges Button

How to earn UPX via Upland Challenges & Events

Since the start of Upland’s open beta test in December 2018 there have been numerous challenges and events in which a lot of players have participated and won UPX. There are common challenges and special events. The difference between both is that events are large challenges with a lot of fancy activities while common challenges often have a relatively simple goal to fulfill.

Common Challenges

One example for a common challenge is the one named “PROPERTY UPX SALES”:

Each challenge has a description that can be displayed after clicking on the “?” symbol in the top right corner. In this example a popup will tell you the following info:

“This challenge board measures the total amount of UPX proceeds that resulted from property sales on the marketplace”

The goal of this challenge is to gain as many UPX as possible via selling properties. Each of the golden trophies represents that this player will be eligible for a prize. In this example there are three paid positions. You can click on each trophy to see the respective prize. The headline of a common challenge usually mentions the prize for the winner: in this case 35.000 UPX.

Example for a common challenge

Special Events

Events are large challenges and are usually announced a couple of days in advance. In June 2020 Upland celebrated the so called “Genesis Week” to celebrate the anniversary of the very first minted property named the genesis property. The Genesis Week consisted of 5 mini events and each winner won a ticket to a big raffle for the genesis property. The following passages will show you some examples of the special events.

Genesis Week Mini-Event 3: Genesis Hunt

In this challenge Upland showed one of their finest gameplay elements: solving riddles. The players had to guess a location that has to be found by using four voxelstyle hints. Such riddles are not easy to solve and it take a lot of creativity to finally come to the solution. All symbols together form the name of a special property and the goal was to visit it’s address to win a treasure.

Genesis Hunt Riddle

As there were many players trying to solve the riddle, time pressure is another component to be considered. This event was won by the player Ludomansio.

The solution can be found by you click on the toggle button below (SPOILER):

Genesis Hunt Solution

The solution for the four symbols was: Miss Ion Doll Ores

Now you have to combine all words and voila: Mission Dolores, one of the oldest surviving structures in San Francisco. It is located at 310 Dolores Street.

Genesis Week Final Raffle

All five mini event winners went into the big raffle with a chance to win probably one of the most valued properties in Upland: The Genesis Property. It is located at 1829 Jefferson ST and was won by the player NIPAA on June 13th 2020.

Interestingly the Upland community is very clever and creative and found the address of the genesis property before the announcement of the official Upland team. The player Xero accepted this challenge and searched the EOS blockchain like there is no tomorrow. After some try and error he mentioned 1829 Jefferson ST which was confirmed by Upland official Laz a couple of minutes later. The same day the player TheTurbo suggested to buy out the block around the genesis property together and other Uplanders immediately joined him. From that moment the block around 1829 Jefferson ST was called and advertised as “The Genesis Block” in memory of the very first Bitcoin block that was mined in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto.

At that time, when everybody bought the props of the Genesis Block, nobody knew the original owner of the genesis property called LORDOFPARCELS. The account only owned a single property and had a net worth of 500 UPX. After the genesis raffle was over it was mentioned that this account was actually a test account by the developers and that they wanted to save this special property for the genesis week.

The very first minted Property of Upland

The Blockchain Heroes Event

On June 18th 2020 a special event has set a new record. It was a cooperation with the blockchain game called Blockchain Heroes and the prize of the challenge was a unique set of 25 Supermiles NFT cards that look absolutely awesome.

The event consisted of a live stream where the founders of the Blockchain Heroes game announced that they will locate their headquarter on a property in one district in Upland. The goal of the event was to own the most properties in that district that had still to be announced. After a lot of hype for the Blockchain Heroes game, they finally announced the address of the headquarter: 230 Junipero Serra BLVD in the south east end of the Merced Manor district.

Supermiles NFT

Blockchain Heroes HQ

That was the signal for all participating players to locate that address and start buying as many properties as possible. This day has set a record as around 900 unminted properties were literally sold within less than one hour. Some Uplanders even say that the complete district was sold within only 30 minutes. This was a special day to remember as it was the fastest sellout of a district at that point of time.

What kind of Prizes can you expect from official Upland Challenges and Events?

The prize pool varies depending on the size of a challenge. Common challenges might have a prize around 30,000 – 50,000 UPX for the first place while special events can have a much higher prize pool.

The common challenge won by the player BRETGERBER had a prize of 35,000 UPX while the player EmGi won 75,000 UPX for a larger challenge in celebration of the opening of New York City. The highest prize ever won was received by the player ThankMeLater who successfully solved two riddles (similar to the Mission Dolores example from above) before anybody else. In this mini-event he won 684,500 UPX for the “Keys to the City” event and 180,900 UPX for the “Golden Tickets” event resulting in a total of 865,400 UPX won in one day.

Here are some examples from previous challenges: 

How to earn UPX via Community Challenges / Events

As the name explains, community challenges are hosted by the players of Upland. There have been quite a lot so far, starting from small ones where you can win a discount on a property or an uniquely designed NFT on Atomic Hub up to larger ones as shown in the following examples:

  • Upland Action News (created by LeftHouse) did make a raffle where one lucky winner could receive an Upland themed t-shirt when one of his videos got a total of 50 likes on Youtube
  • In another event the player Mattit made a raffle for 9 Atomic Hub NFTs and a property in New York City for the first place
  • The player Recourier hosted a bigger event were the prize for the first player was really crazy: One Supermiles NFT (yes, the one that has previously been sold for more than 1,000 USD on Atomic Hub)

Community challenges and events are more difficult to find as they are usually announced on Discord or on the mediums used by the hosting player. That also means a less competition as not all players have the time to watch out for those events. If you are lucky, you can win a lot of cool prizes and additional UPX.