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Selling Properties for USD

Applying for the Fiat Out Beta

The option to sell properties for USD (aka fiat money)  is currently in a closed beta test. You can join the waitinglist inside the city hall in San Francisco. You can find the city hall at the address:

San Francisco, USA

In order to access the city hall you need to get into discovery range with your block explorer. Click on the property of the city hall and use the SEND button to move close to it for free.


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Upland’s Payment Service Provider

Upland uses TiliaPay a payment service provider specialized in virtual economies. It was created by a daughter company of Linden Lab, the founder of the first virtual game called Second Life that launched in 2003. TiliPay requires KYC (Know Your Customer) verification before you can cash out. The withdrawal fee for Tilia is currently at 5% per withdrawal.