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Start flipping Properties

New players are often suggested to flip their properties. Phrased colloquially, this means buying unminted properties and selling them on the marketplace with a markup. To roughly estimate the value of your properties you should investigate the near surrounding and consider the following points:

  • Number of unminted properties in the district (high / low / none)
  • Costs of other unminted properties nearby
  • Collection value (the rarer, the better)
  • The real-world counterpart (is there something special in real-life?)
  • Property development features that are coming in 2021

The highest flipping profits can be made in sold out districts. Sometimes it might be the best choice to wait until a district is sold out before you place your property on the marketplace. If lots of players would like to own a property in this district you will be able to negotiate a higher selling price.

Furthermore, look out for Upland and community challenges in the official channels (e.g. Twitter, Discord). In July 2020, there was a cooperative challenge between Upland and the crypto game Blockchain Heroes where the headquarter of Blockchain Heroes was revealed to be located in the Merced Manor district. At the time of the announcement a challenge started where the top 25 players with the most owned properties in Merced Manor will win a special and unique Blockchain Heroes NFT card called Super Miles. The complete district with more than 900 properties was sold within about 30 mins. Everybody was thriving to become a winner. Even players who knew that they cannot win the challenge made very big profits as they bought properties in Merced Manor and sold them with a margin to other players competing for the special Supermiles card. Profits of 100% were easily realizable making the complete event a success for both new and existing players.

How do I evaluate the price of my property?

You can use as to check out the prices of properties in your neighborhood.