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Community Tools: UPX.World

UPX.World is your go-to place if you want to look for good deals in Upland. It was created by the player called “HACKER” who has awesome skills in database and API management. UPX.World is 100% legit to use and strongly recommended to anyone who plays Upland seriously. Visit UPX.World to get a competitive advantage!



Here’s a list of some of the free features:

  • City Dashboard
  • Event Calendar
  • Search Neighborhoods
  • Big Data Property Analysis
  • Big Data Transaction
  • User Statistics and Information
  • Find my Send
  • Leaderboards

It also offers premium services with additional features, such as:

  • Access to the “Premium Chat” Discord Channel
  • Access to “New Listings Above Mint” Discord Channel
  • Access to “Player to Player Sales” Discord Channel
  • Access to the “Stats Check” Discord Channel
  • Access to “Treasure Hunt Timer” Discord Channels
  • Special Discord Role Color
    Market Listings Removed

For a full overview about the premium featues check out
UPX.World’s Patreon Website.